Testimonials – Mobsters and Lobsters

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“What’s not to love about trolley-ing thru the neighborhoods of Boston and being entertained by tales of legendary bad guys and their headline-grabbing crimes, followed by a wine tasting and a full course lobster dinner on the waterfront? Brinks and Bulger, murders and museum heists, prisons and The Parker House, this tour is packed with fun and value”

Chris Lyons (Public Relations)

” I think what stood out the most with these two is that their stories don’t just come from things they had read, they live and breathe the city of Boston, it’s culture and its history and this tour proves it.”

Carly C. (San Jose, CA) (corporate outing)

“Definitely join this tour when visiting Boston.  It’s like a backstage tour of the Departed with great stops and great food.  The lobsters were fresh and fantastic”

Jane (Seaport, CT) (team building event)

“From the moment you are greeted by Victoria the Lobster to your final farewell to Tom Collins, your tour guide, you will be treated with the respect and consideration only a Mob Boss could demand!”