Tailgating at a concert or a sporting event takes on a whole new level of fun and excitement with Mobsters and Lobsters. Picture your scene: The windows are open in the nice weather, your favorite music is hooked up on our Bluetooth enabled sound system, your favorite people are around you in a decked-out party trolley that becomes the life of the pre-show celebration. The trolley's spacious leather interior, fitted with comfy seating, allows friends to sing and dance on board or in the parking lot, but also safely store their belongings on the trolley when you leave to enter the venue. With awesome music and the right group of people, our trolleys serve as a mobile epicenter of joy. Transporting concert-goers or sports fans to the venue with high spirits and shared camaraderie, it's an experience where the line between the tailgate and the event itself blurs, creating a dynamic and unforgettable build-up to the main event and amplifying the excitement for the upcoming night of memories. BYOB as other optional amenities are available as well.

Our 2023 Season pricing for all rentals is as follows:

  • 4 hour minimum $999
  • Any additional hours $149/hr
  • You are welcome to use the trolley for less time, but the minimum charge still applies. Gratuity not included.

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