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Meet Tom

Tom Collins, a career Union Iron Worker and history buff with a passion for entertaining, has spent over two decades in the tourism industry. His lifelong dedication to history and true crime, paired with his unmistakably Bostonian persona, has consistently been a driving force at the forefront of the business. His wealth of knowledge and witty sense of humor have created lasting impressions on people from around the world. Tom’s authentic passion for Boston is infectious, and his knack for unraveling the mysteries, scandals, and historical crimes that have unfolded on the city’s notorious streets makes him a captivating storyteller.


Meet Victoria

Victoria’s journey from growing up in South Florida and landing in the Boston scene is a story of transformation and self-discovery. When she met her husband Tom, she knew instantly that they were going to do great things together. Victoria combines a unique blend of bold creativity and imagination to promote continuous growth to the partnership. Her affection for people, dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction and her willingness to take risks has been instrumental in shaping the business into the fun and successful enterprise it is today. Additionally, she has a passion for coaching youth sports, and strives to be a positive and contributing member of her local community. Victoria has been the recipient of multiple awards for female entrepreneurs, including Boston Business Journal’s Women Who Mean Business.

A Perfect Partnership

Tom and Victoria’s journey as business owners commenced when they identified the perfect market to channel all of their passions into one category. Catering to both crime enthusiasts and history buffs alike, they knew that Mobsters and Lobsters was their future. With a shared dream of creating something truly special, they decided to combine their talents and experiences. Their strengths perfectly complement one another, and their steadfast commitment to their business form the foundation of their success. Throughout the years, Tom and Victoria have faced their fair share of challenges, from the purchase of their first trolley to surviving the impact of a global pandemic. However, their ability to tackle problems as a team has allowed them to overcome every hurdle. During the pandemic, they used the time to expand the business to be more readily available to the general public and Boston Trolley Company was created. The expansion of services has been incredible for those looking to just charter the trolleys for special events like weddings, parties and concerts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for considering Mobsters and Lobsters for your group outing! Here you will find some information about our event. As always, we can be reached anytime via email or telephone! The trolley is fully heated during the colder months, and has an open air with the option of windows up or down during the nicer seasons! Maximum capacity per trolley is 40 passengers.

Is Mobsters and Lobsters A Safe Place For Tours?

Of course, Mobsters and Lobsters began about 6 years when the idea was born. The route was designed, the stories were chosen, and the locations were secured. It was important to find the perfect guide. Tom has been a driver for City View Trolley Tours for close to 8 years, and his name can be found at the top of any 5-star reviews. He was it. He is a plethora of information about our beautiful city. After learning to route and all the stories, the little company began to grow.

Has it been a smooth road?

I think we have been extremely fortunate to have such a wonderful business relationship with all of our partners. I can’t speak highly enough about City View Trolley Tours for allowing this to be possible. They are huge supporters of us, as we are of them. Secondly, The Venezia Restaurant where we take all of our guests for their fantastic dinner. It has been such a great opportunity to be able to work with both of them on a regular basis because they make things so simple. The most difficult situations we have encountered so far have been trying to stretch ourselves thin enough to be there for each and every client we have.

Tell us more about Mobsters and Lobsters.

We specialize in tailoring each event to a specific company’s needs. I work especially hard to seek out the things our guests need and want before they even know they need them. Whether we have groups who work together on a daily basis or groups who are just meeting face to face for the first time, we always make sure they feel welcome and that we will do everything in our power to ensure they have a great time.

How do you think the industry will change over the next decade?

We are really hoping to expand our employee base, become more readily accessible to the public to do individual tours as we do not offer that quite yet, and as always, stay current with the changing history. Tom is always reading some sort of book or publication to keep him up to date with the newest information.

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The trolley is fully heated during the colder months, and has an open air with the option of windows up or down during the nicer seasons! Maximum capacity per trolley is 40 passengers.

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